Larry Fessenden is the producer, writer, director and editor of the award-winning art-horror movies HABIT, NO TELLING, and WENDIGO. His most recent film, THE LAST WINTER, starring Ron Perlman, Connie Britton and James Le Gros, premiered at the 2006 Toronto Film Festival; was distributed by IFC films and is currently out on DVD. He most recently directed NBC’s Fear Itself episode SKIN AND BONES.

Fessenden has produced film and video projects since the 1980’s, associate producing Kelly Reichardt’s critically acclaimed RIVER OF GRASS in 1993. Since that time Fessenden has been a producer on documentaries (Alex Wolfe’s SANTO DOMINGO BLUES, Richard Sandler’s THE GODS OF TIMES SQUARE) and an array of feature films both in and out of the horror genre.

Fessenden was a producer on Jeff Winner’s SATELLITE, Ilya Chaiken’s award-winning LIBERTY KID, Douglas Buck’s remake of DePalma’s SISTERS, Dave Gebroe’s ZOMBIE HONEYMON and Kelly Reichardt’s WENDY AND LUCY.

Under his low budget horror banner ScareFlix, he has produced Ti West’s THE ROOST and TRIGGER MAN, James Felix McKenney’s THE OFF SEASON and AUTOMATONS and Graham Reznick’s I CAN SEE YOU.

Fessenden has operated the production company Glass Eye Pix since 1985, with the mission of supporting individual voices in the arts.


PETER PHOK - Producer

Born in New York City and graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Peter joined the
industry with Ti West’s (fellow SVA classmate and collaborator) THE ROOST as a production manager and associate producer. THE ROOST world premiered at the 2005 South by Southwest film festival with great success, earning theatrical release as well as video distribution on DVD.
Phok continued his career working various positions as an assistant director, production manager, and line producer on independent films. This brought him the opportunity to produce TRIGGER MAN with Ti West and Larry Fessenden. TRIGGER MAN also premiered at the 2007 SXSW film festival.

Phok continues to produce for Fessenden’s company Glass Eye Pix, debuting Graham Reznick’s I CAN SEE YOU, also J.T. Petty’s short film, BLOOD RED EARTH, about a Lakota family during the late 1800’s, presented by

FearNet HD as a prequel to Liongate’s THE BURROWERS. Most recently, Phok and Fessenden teamed up with
HISTORY OF VIOLENCE executive producers, Roger Kass and Josh Braun, to produce Ti West’s HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, a period film, set in the 80’s about a babysitter working for a satanic worshipping family, for MPI/Dark Sky Films. When not working Peter can usually be found playing golf in Long Island as he considers his next project.