Visual effects on I SELL THE DEAD were accomplished both in-house and through offerings at satellite
companies under the effects supervision of MATT CONNOLLY, whose previous employers include Nick Digital, Psyop, The Ebeling Group, Nickelodeon and most recently, RhinoFx for Dreamworks’ GHOST TOWN.

Compositor JOHN LOUGHLIN took on the brunt of the work in-house for I SELL THE DEAD. He has previously
worked on Glass Eye Pix’s THE LAST WINTER and LIBERTY KID.

Even before production, long-time Glass Eye Pix concept artist BRAHM REVEL (WENDIGO, THE ROOST, THE LAST WINTER) created a full length comic-book of the script to begin a dialogue about the look and pacing of the movie. Some of the comic-book images appear as graphic interludes in the film. Revel also fed concept art to photo-real magician RAM BAT to create the townscapes and landscapes that establish the period setting. Ram Bat worked out of Los Angeles, fresh off doing concept art for John Singleton’s A-TEAM. Emmy Award winner TAMMY SUTTON-WALKER also provided compositing work from the west coast.

The FX wizards at SPONTANEOUS, known for their excellent work in the commerical industry, break into the feature film world with I SELL THE DEAD, taking on several sequences, including the climactic “headless” sequence. The Spontaneous team was comprised of senior producer BRYCE EDWARDS, and director of visual effects ANDY MILKIS, with flame work by MARIO CASERTA, and CGI by LAWRENCE NIMRICHTER.

The diverse talents and backgrounds making up the effects department were all given purpose and focus under director Glenn McQuaid, who spent the first decade of his career in the visual effects field before overseeing the creation of killer cgi bats for Ti West’s THE ROOST. McQuaid has since worked on several Glass Eye Pix films, including TRIGGER MAN and LIBERTY KIID, and was the FX supervisor on Fessenden’s ambitious THE LAST WINTER.




Brian Spears and Pete Gerner joined forces in 2001 to form Gerner & Spears Effects (G&S FX) after meeting on the Lionsgate vampire film MIDNIGHT MASS. Now, seven years later, the duo anxiously awaits Glenn McQuaid’s epic I SELL THE DEAD, featuring G&S blood, vampires – and some very entertaining zombies.